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christian louboutin sneakers womens abused

Four corners Around australia there are hundreds of legal brothels.Thousands of women sell their bodies for profit.Now, in a joint four corners/the age special investigation, reporter sally neighbour exposes the brutal illegal off shoot of the sex industry:Sex slavery.In a report that exposes the worst excesses of human trafficking she reveals how networks of criminal gangs are luring women to australia, where they are forced to work as sex slaves.If they refuse they are beaten and their families are threatened. "What happened to us was a nightmare.We worked from 11am to 3 or 4am the next morning, and slept only three or four hours.They treated us like animals.We were sexually abused, we were dragged, we were hit. "Former sex slave, from melbourne Like any business, the trade in flesh thrives on consumer demand.Sex trafficking and sexual slavery exists because customers want asian women who are reputed to be more compliant to their needs.Many of the asian sex workers in australia are here willingly.However some are trapped, humiliated, placed in debt bondage and forced to put their lives in danger by having unprotected sex with hundreds of men. The four corners/the age investigation begins in brothels in australia's major cities.Using public records and information gathered from industry insiders, we investigate the extent of the networks and detail the methods used by the gangs and their standover men to force women to work in this brutal industry. Following evidence of an christian louboutin outlet uk international syndicate, reporter sally neighbour goes to asia to track the people who work to snare the women, and discovers a highly organised operation that has trafficked hundreds of women around the world, including scores to australia. It's clear that right now in australia women are being held as sex slaves.It's also true traffickers remain at large and brothels using trafficked women remain open.Many australian men are, knowingly or unknowingly, paying for sex from the enslaved women.It is replayed on tuesday 11th october at 11.35pm. There are hundreds of legal brothels around australia, and thousands of women engaged in the sex trade of their own free will. Tonight's program is about some of those brothels, under the cloak of official licence acting illegally behind closed doors, engaged in human trafficking and sexual slavery. It is also about a clear lack of concerted action at federal and state levels to derail this trade in human misery and degradation;A trade that has been linked to crime syndicates operating globally. This special four corners investigation conducted in tandem with the fairfax newspapers has exposed a practice where some asian girls and women are tricked into coming to australia as students manolo blahnik and then held captive in brothels. Others agree to come as sex workers but are then effectively enslaved. The story also takes a close look at the vicious bashing outside a melbourne brothel of a young man who is believed to have gone there to try to free his captive girlfriend, and the police decision not to prosecute his killer a man with a criminal record who has been connected to a sex trafficking gang. Four corners used hidden cameras in brothels for some of the pictures you're about to see. The reporter is sally neighbour. On screen:Sex slavery (Reconstruction a young man gets into a car at night) Sally neighbour, reporter:On the night of february 11, 2009 a young man set out from his family home jimmy choo shoes in melbourne's staid eastern suburbs on a fateful last journey.It was like a scene from a tragic romance he was going to rescue the woman he loved. A 30 minute drive took abraham papo to the seedy back streets of south melbourne, heart of the city's sex trade. His girlfriend had been working at this brothel. (Shot of the brothel from the car as it approaches) She had rung him to say she'd been moved to sydney and was being physically christian louboutin sneakers womens abused.She had begged him to help her. Deanna papo, mother:I know now she was in fear of her life and she had her passport taken by some dangerous men. My son had gone to the she'd spoken to him through the day i don't know how many times but my son had gone to the police, a local police station.

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